NAID Management

NAID Management

NAID was established to implement the initiative launched by Mr. President Al-Fattah Al-Sisi in July 2016 during the seventh annual International Conference of Communications and Information Technology for People with Disabilities. 
The Academy (which is the first of its kind) is distinguished by providing training courses for persons with disabilities at the highest level in the field of information technology and innovation Through educational materials highly accessible and is the appropriate way to communicate information to people with different types of disabilities.
Execution period: from July 2018 to November 2018

Our Vision

To become a worldwide recognized hub for the development of assistive technologies and a catalyst for change, empowerment, independence and inclusion for PwDs.

Our Mission

Promote and stimulate an ecosystem for people with disabilities based on information and communication technology that works on awareness, training, research & development and accessibility to empower PwDs and integrate them into society.


- Supporting / stimulating research and development of new assistive technologies and promoting its availability and use.
- Enriching cultural awareness of the issues of people with different disabilities and their needs (including assistive technologies).
- Provide a comprehensive definition of the assistive technology.
- Providing persons with disabilities with skills, knowledge and culture. (suitable ICT competencies)
- Encouraging the training of professionals and staff working with persons with disabilities in the field of Assistive technologies
- Infrastructure support for PwDs inclusion in the society.
- Building strategic international partnerships for the benefit of PWDs