BIOS and Computer Maintenance

BIOS and Computer Maintenance

Start Date : 2019-12-28

End Date : 2020-02-08

NAID Academy provided a specialized training course in "Computer Maintenance Programming" for people with visual disabilities in Egypt and the Arab countries, using the latest technology available at the Academy's innovation lab, and the training program was attended by trainees from different African countries.

The training program covered the following topics:

- Dealing with the basic system of I/O of the computer Bios
- Prepare devices to install the operating system.
- To know the the computer hardware and software components (operating system).
- Formatting, partitioning and restore hard disk factory settings.
- Download operating systems, and address problems that may be encountered.
- Setting up the working environment in windows 10 and managing access to it.
- Handling updates and managing tariffs.
- Internal system maintenance.
- Dealing with viruses and hack protection.
- Data encryption and information security.
- Dealing with fault detection software.
- Preventive maintenance of the device.