Call Center Diploma

Call Center Diploma

Start Date : 2019-02-24

End Date : 2019-03-07

Call centers diploma was heldat NAID, which aimed to train people with visual impairments to raise their competence and try to provide them with job opportunities according to what is required in the labor market. The training course was built according to the study that was done in cooperation with a number of companies working in the field and the training content was built according to their requirements and the requirements of the market.
15 people were trained after being classified into two groups according to the evaluation that was made through the company providing the training and according to their capabilities in English and Arabic as well as the basics of computers.
The training took place during the period (February 24 - March 7, 2019) for a period of two weeks
The content taught during the training period:

- Introduction to Call Center
- Communication Skills
- Soft Skills
- Typing Skills
- Business English